Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Nimrod Hall Instructor and Pochade Success!

These are photos show my very favorite way of enjoying art!!!!

With fellow traveler artists.  

My workshop participants at Nimrod Hall.  So once I got over the intimidation of teaching other professional artists, it was amazing...
what a blast to just paint, teach, watch and talk about art!!

By myself with my mini studio/plein air set up!

Got my pochade setup rocking now...it held up great for my first painting session.  

The best thing of all?  Is I get to do it again before the summer is out!

Yes it is okay to be jealous....;)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Homemade Pochade Box Update!

Well it took a bit a finagling (a very fancy art word there ;) But I was able to make three very functional pochade boxes at the fraction of cost of buying one new!  (FYI a pochade is a very small box that carries all necessary painting supplies and is used for on side observational work.  It can be on a table, the artist's lap or even on a tripod)

Pochade #1 on its very first trial run while attached to a tripod

Outside storms made inside study necessary.  I was able to switch very easily between watercolor and acrylic with this set up.

Last week's art supplies.  
Gave my brushes and paints a little break.

Sentimental Pochade

The best thing about this Pochade?  It was originally an art project done by my son a looooong time ago.  

It even has a little inspirational not he wrote in it too! You other mommies, aunts, daddies, teachers etc...know how much this means to me!!!

Thanks to alot of other clear descriptions and photographs, I was able to make mine to the specs that I wanted.

Note the rare earth magnets on the shelf above and lid below... would not have bought them just for this, I had them from a former exhibit.  But they have come in handy many times over. Since these magnets are very strong and easily moved around, I use them to hold the paper in place and even the water container and small palettes from sliding off the work shelf.

Ugly Yet Functional Lid Stop

One of the hardest parts was coming up with the lid stop.  I used a fortner bit and made my drill act like a coping saw (probably not the best for long term wear and tear BTW) to make this one adjustable.  While it is not the prettiest it is functional and that is what I was going for (which also explains the duct tape hinges...)

Watercolor Pochade

Here is another pochade that fits my watercolor palette and paper.  

Cuter lid stop that shows clearly shows its function

Clunky Yet Functional Feet

Used scraps to make the feet (again function over aesthetics here) for table top use. 

With the tripod quick latch ...

... and without.

If time allows I am hoping to make a flat large surface to clip to the tripod for larger pieces.  No matter what I am looking very forward to test driving these babies at Nimrod Hall Art Colony where I will be teaching this weekend!

A rough place to teach and paint, but someone has to do it! ;)

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pochade Box

I am in love with trying to make one of these...


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Replication and Education (or Why Copyism ROCKS)

Below are some recent studies I have done in the style of many different artists and movements...

Expressionist Technique - Deurain

Post ImpressionistTechnique - Van Gogh

Palette and Subject - Ver Meer

Subject Matter and Palette - Fairfield Porter

Just Palette - Giotto

While I will probably not be changing my own style drastically, consciously copying these masters in either style, subject matter or palette has really helped me become much more aware of the choices I make as an artist,  as well as appreciate their choices much more as well!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Funny Quote by Gertrude Stein

Love that is it a visual that drives home the humor...because of course it is!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Realism and Cubism Together or Apart

A great way to fully understand an art movement...

To have to paint the same subject matter realistically and then in that style.

It especially helped me to both both canvases at the same time.  I would take one object, paint it realistically then move to the other canvas and break and repaint it down cubist style.

I would know I was painting too long when I would accidentally mix up the canvases.  Not sure which one I prefer, but I can now tell you much more about cubism than I ever thought I would ver be able to.

Main take away, it is not as easy as it looks!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Cubistic and Realistic Still Life

A great study practice....my strategy is the paint the first object realistically, then use the leftover paint to paint the same object in a cubistic fashion on the other canvas...

Obviously these babies are still in progress...